How it works

1. Arrange to give us your pre-loved fashion

Over 60% of our wardrobes have not been worn in over a year. Do some good with yours and make some extra cash at the same time. 

2. We'll look after and resell them for you

Through our online store and pop-ups and events, we resell your items for 40-80% off their RRP based on brand and condition. 

If your item doesn't sell after 12 months, we'll ask if you'd like it back, if you'd like to donate it to one of our charity partners or we can rework the textile into kids clothes, scrunchies, bags and many more items.

3. Splitting £’s equally between you, us and a great cause

We want to shake up charity shopping by making sure we can account for every item that passes through our doors. By using the original RRP's and focusing our efforts on brands we know you'll love we value your clothes and price them accordingly. This in turn means we can give back to you and a great cause.

Words from a charity partner

"Working with Round Retail was a fantastic process from start to finish. The level of professionalism and passion towards driving change within the homeless community was obvious and infectious. Round Retail were able to raise an impressive total of £2,551. This generous donation will be allocated towards our front-line services, including the community kitchen, food store and clothing store. A massive thank you to everyone that made this partnership so successful."